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Is Performance Management Dead?

Is Performance Management Dead?Over two incisive articles, we'll be exploring performance management's evolving shape - past, present and future.In part 1 of ‘Is performance Management dead?’ we explore what’s happening to performance management reviews — whether the existing model is actually driving towards or away from delivering improved performance. We also explore how courageous conversations [...]

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Why projects fail

Why Projects Fail Why do some projects flourish and others flounder? Here, we take stock and explore the factors that can help us avoid project failure in the future. Mark Oliver A business lives and dies on the strength of its people. This research investigates the importance of people-related factors within the wider body of [...]

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Coaching and relationships

Building the Foundation for Trust   In business and in life, relationships define our progression, our success, and even our happiness. As coaches, we have a responsibility to open the channels to better communication.   Kevin McAlpin & Dawn Wilkinson The saying 'Relationships are the container everything else fits into' certainly applies to a coach [...]

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Organisational politics

Taming Organisational Politics   Organisational politics are undoubtedly a negative force to contend with. However, with the right approach, the beast within can actually be energy for positive change.   Kevin McAlpin & John Van Maurik   It’s little talked about but present in the majority of organisations. In dealing with it, no one should [...]

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The Mechanics of Derailment   Coming off the tracks — why promising executives fail.   Kevin McAlpin   It's something of a mystery to businesses why they promote seemingly infallible go-getters into senior roles and sooner rather than later, they flounder and fail to live up to their potential. So, just why is it people [...]



Resilience — The Fourth Measure of Success   IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) could be missing the trick argues Kevin McAlpin.   Michael Millar   The war for talent is eternal, but are those trying to recruit the high-fliers of tomorrow actually fighting it on the right front? A new [...]